• Who can play?

— The First Tee of Idaho offers our program to anyone between the ages of 7- 18, regardless of background or previous experience. All we ask is that kids come with an open mind and positive attitude.

  • What about golf equipment?

— We offer a $25 rental fee and kids get to take the clubs home and keep them the entire year. If you prefer, kids can use clubs we have at the golf course and use them during class time.

  • What if my child has never picked up a golf club before?

— Our coaches are trained in positive youth development. That means they are experts in making kids and teens feel comfortable and assure they have a positive, non-intimidating experience.

  • How do you build character through golf?

— Each lesson is designed to foster golf skills as well as help youth understand and ultimately develop The First Tee Nine Core Values. And, research proves it works

  • How do participants move through levels over time?

—  (PLAYer, Par, Birdie, Eagle, Ace) that introduce new and more advanced concepts of golf and life skills that help build character on and off the course.

  • Is there competition and physical activity?

— Absolutely! Kids can burn up to 800 calories walking 9 holes of golf and coaches make lessons competitive while having fun. As participants get older, they have the chance to compete at national events held across the country.

  • Financial concerns?

— No worries, we offer full scholarships or reduced fee programming for those with financial need. We will NEVER turn a child away if the family cannot afford our program.

— The program is dedicated to making golf affordable for EVERYONE. Our prices range between $75-$100 for anywhere between 12-20 hours of instruction.